Which Christian school is right for me?

Which Christian school is right for me?

Unfortunately, any school can represent itself as a Christian school by simply stating that they are. However, as the Apostle Paul noted in Scripture, we must be Bereans, and use the Scripture as a means of testing things that are called truth to see if those things are indeed truth (Acts 17:11). This behooves the Christian to be a good student of the Word of God so that he is not in the position of being fooled or misled.

With the above definition of a Christian school in mind, the 21st century parent who is looking for a Christian school for their child will find schools that range from “supposedly-Christian,” to “light weight-Christian,” to “real-Christian.” The challenge for a Christian school is the same as the challenge for the individual Christian. That is, how much of my professed Christian life is compromised because of the pressures of the world around me, the temptations that I face daily, and the failure to trust God in all things? Christian schools, like churches and all ministries, are always tempted to compromise.

The parents must then ask themselves the question, “Do I want anything less than a faithful, real Christian school for my family?”

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