“We are hoping for a sports scholarship for college.”

“We are hoping for a sports scholarship for college.”

What a great blessing sports can be for our children and entire family. Hard work, teamwork, sacrifice, and many other helpful things can be learned through participation in sports.

However, we must be careful to not turn that blessing into a curse. It is not uncommon for parents to spend enormous amounts of time and money on their children’s sports participation, often to the neglect of things that will be of much greater value in the future. Even the command by God to gather together and worship Him on Sundays is often ignored because of sports participation, sports attendance, or the need to watch sports on TV.

Sports should be a balanced part of a Christian life, but when it is elevated to a place that is more important (in our actions) than Him, God says it is idolatry. That may seem harsh, but it is His Word, plain and simple.

There are three common pitfalls to the Christian family when they are obsessed with sports:

  • They believe that their child has the talent and skill necessary to get a college scholarship. Fact: Only 2% of all high school athletes in America receive a college sports scholarship, and there is a very small percentage of that 2% that receive a full scholarship. (Based upon data from the NCAA website)
  • There is no money to attend the Christian school because thousands are spent each year on various clubs or teams.
  • Because so much time and energy is expended on sports, it diminishes the time and energy for school, and the child graduates without a scholarship and without an excellent education.

A much more sensible approach is to enjoy sports, but not at the expense of academics or church activities. The best chance for any student in the state of Georgia to get a scholarship is through academics. At Cherokee Christian Schools, 70% of the graduating students qualify for the HOPE college scholarship. God’s Word is taught daily while strong academics prepare the child for life. That’s a great investment!

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