What can happen when God’s people ignore His instructions for education?

What can happen when God’s people ignore His instructions for education?

Human beings were created for the glory of God. We were created to commune with God and to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Choosing to educate children in public schools does not change the nature of a person. Children will learn to worship something; they will formulate a grid of thinking about all of life; they will have a worldview of some kind.

God has given clear instructions to Christian families for how they are to raise their children. Superficial training (maybe one hour in one day rather than 24/7) can only lead to a superficial or a false faith.

Pastors throughout America are struggling with the last ten years of studies that show that as many as 80% of our “Christian” children stop attending church once they leave the homes of their parents. These children either have a superficial, paper thin faith, or they never had a true faith in Christ at all.

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