“I want my child to figure out life on his own.”

“I want my child to figure out life on his own.”

It is true that children will go through the years trying to figure out life for themselves. The questions they will ask and the answers they receive will likely shape their lives forever.

They will see evil in the world around them and they will ask, “Why does God allow bad things to happen?”

They will wonder who they should believe while they are immersed in a culture that worships entertainment and fills their eyes and ears with music that so often tells them that nothing matters. They will ask themselves who they are and will be told by the culture the answer can be found in the clothes they wear and the image they project. They will search for a sense of significance, but become distracted by the world of entertainment, which replaces reality and numbs the mind.

They will see the moral failures of people around them, even their heroes, and wonder if there is a way that a person can be forgiven and restored.

They will question their faith and realize they don’t really know why they believe what they believe. They will know some verses from the Bible, but will be unable to tie them all together so they can see who they are before a Holy God and who God is as sovereign over all of life, not just on Sunday.

The Word of God does have answers to all of the questions above! So, while it is true that every child will be trying to “figure out life” during these years, it may be devastating to the child who attends school where the truth of life (the Biblical answers) cannot be uttered. Research organizations such as the Barna Research Group are producing study after study reporting that 60-90% of churchgoing high school graduates are abandoning the church as soon as they leave their homes.

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