“I don’t want my child sheltered. He needs to be ready to live in the real world.”

“I don’t want my child sheltered. He needs to be ready to live in the real world.”

This thinking is based more on the worldly slogan, “If it doesn’t kill me, it will make me stronger,” than anything found in God’s Word. What we desperately need for our children is the opportunity for them to learn from the Bible how to deal with the world that is filled with sin and temptation rather than becoming like the world.

The Biblical directive is to raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Sending spiritually unprepared children into a non-Christian environment to learn how to effectively deal with sin is just the opposite of what the Bible commands parents to do, and if carefully thought through, does not make sense. Sadly, believing this has borne horrible consequences. Research organizations such as the Barna Research Group are producing study after study reporting that 60-90% of churchgoing high school graduates are abandoning the church as soon as they leave their homes

Furthermore, the idea that the “real world” does not exist in the Christian school is wrong. The “real world” is a world of greed, theft, anger, hate, pride, jealousy, sexual temptations, and more. All of this exists in the heart of every person at one time or another. Therefore, all of this exists in the Christian school! However, the difference in the Christian school is that the children are being taught to deal with the reality of evil in the world and in their own hearts by using the sword of the Spirit- the Bible.

Also, it may be that this thinking is rooted in the parents’ low view of personal holiness and spiritual growth. It has been said by many Christian parents who have personally attended a public school, “I went to a public school and I turned out OK!” We have to challenge that thinking by asking what a person means when they say that they “turned out OK.” Do they mean that they got saved and are pretty good people? If that is the case, we should all agree that their “goodness” is due to the grace of God. Rather, every Christian should say, “Praise God that He saved me in spite of the life that I have had!” Should we not look back at our lives and be grieved because we did not learn and apply the truths of God at an earlier age? The correct thinking should be: “How much more I would have known and served the Lord if I began studying the Bible at five years old!”

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