What Satan Thinks About Education

Apollyon:  “I will be God. I must be God. I will dedicate every part of my being to achieve my ends.”

Legion:  “But, how? Jehovah has created a weapon that cannot be defeated-the Word of God. It changes the very nature of the sinner’s heart and captures his affections, actions, and words. That weapon also instructs the mind of his subjects so they can discern when we are working. His subjects study the Word and use the Word so the Spirit of Jehovah can change them and teach others.”

Apollyon:  “You are right. I would like to simply kill them all, but he won’t let us. However, while we can’t stop the power of His weapon, we may be able to remove it from certain areas of their life.”

Legion:  “I don’t understand how we could possibly get them to do that.”

Apollyon:  It will take time and we must be patient, but the most obvious would be to remove the weapon from the education of their children. Our strategy would be one that employs great subtlety as well as our usual tactics of deception and confusion.

Legion:  “Oh Great One, I must hear your plans.”

Apollyon:  “It is a brilliant and multifaceted approach. Because His subjects are generally weak, we will find the weakness in each one of them and exploit it. First, let me share with you how we will deceive and confuse the parents.

Some of the parents say they believe in the absolute power of His weapon, but secretly they do not. We will exploit that weakness by pointing out every situation where a child in a Christian school does not become a Christian. I will encourage them to disregard the importance of having their own child in a place where the weapon is wielded every day.

We will constantly remind the parents that they should be very concerned about their financial futures. So much so, that fear will overcome any ideas about spending money to have their child in a school that uses the weapon. We will be quick to dull their memories about Jehovah’s promises to provide for them.

We will encourage parents to think not about the spiritual condition of the child, but more so about athletics and obtaining scholarships to go to college. This is sure to work well until their child gets to the college years and the parents find out that they did not attain their goal and the child knows nothing about Jehovah. At that time, it will be too late for them.

Even though His subjects claim that they know every child is born a sinner, we will encourage them to think of their children as little subjects who are going to heaven because they exhibit a sweet personality and a compliant nature. This will give the parents a sense of protection for the child that is not grounded in reality. We will encourage them to send them to a school where they will have no weapon to defend themselves, or have the ability to go on the offense for Jehovah. Even though the parents are educating the child without the very means that Jehovah has ordered, they will blindly believe in the power of Jehovah and his ability to work in the life of that child. We will help them forget what Jehovah says about training of children and the vulnerability and foolishness of every young person. We will work on the child slowly and allow the parent to have hope that the child is learning the ways of Jehovah; meanwhile, we will be teaching the child our ways.

We will prey on the parents’ desire to see many new subjects come to the light in a school where the weapon is forbidden. We will convince them that any small mention of Jehovah or even a drawing done in an art class is enough to convert one of our worldlings into one of Jehovah’s subjects.

For those who rely on feelings or leadings instead of the clear teaching from Jehovah’s Holy Book, we will put thoughts into their heads so they can conclude that they are being led to place their children in a school that hates Jehovah.”

Legion:  “This is truly a brilliant strategy. To use the weaknesses and strengths of Jehovah’s subjects to confuse them in such a way that they are actually destroying their children is incredibly exciting! But, what about Jehovah’s leaders? Surely they will step in and correct the wrongheaded thinking of the subjects?”

Apollyon:  “You are beginning to learn, my young apprentice. Yes, we have a plan for Jehovah’s leaders as well. Just as we will do with Jehovah’s subjects, we will exploit the weaknesses and even the strengths of Jehovah’s leaders.

We will create so many problems and challenges for the leaders that they will have no time or energy to face the challenge of getting Jehovah’s subjects to be faithful in educating their children. Whenever they think about it, we will be sure to overwhelm them so they put the battle off until some later date. Their teaching or comments about education will become muted and they will tell themselves Jehovah will lead the subjects as He wishes. As an added bonus, we may also succeed in muting the teaching about family devotions, because to do so would require teaching what Jehovah says about having His weapon before the children 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We will convince them to think about a Jehovah school in such a way that it can be ignored. We have many ways to make that work for us. For example, we will lead them to think the school is self-sufficient, or the children that attend are somehow better than or not as sinful as those in secular schools, or that the school is safe and does not face the same spiritual war as a church.

When they become convicted into thinking about it again, we will convince them that a discussion or teaching about education in their church is divisive so they need to avoid it. We will help them picture a situation where many families would become angry and leave. This will create fear in their hearts and we will draw them to think also about the financial implications should that happen.

We will encourage them to think that having an education in a place without the weapon does not always turn out badly. We will dilute their conviction that the absence of the weapon in education does damage to a child’s heart and mind by giving them regular examples of exceptions, even though we know that only happens because Jehovah has been exceedingly gracious to his subjects.

We will give Jehovah’s leaders a false sense of comfort and an expectation that children attending a school where the weapon is used needs no support from the churches. We will exploit a zealous evangelistic mindset by fooling them into believing that their support must go to areas where the weapon is hated and forbidden.

We will lead and encourage Jehovah’s leaders to conclude that an occasional mention of Jehovah’s school means that they are supporting the school simply because they mention the school at all. We will tempt them to compare themselves to the many churches that never mention Jehovah’s schools at all, instead of judging themselves according to Jehovah’s teachings.”

Legion:  “Truly, you are the master of deceit and lies. I hope to one day be as wise and wicked as you. I have only one other question. If none of these things work, do you have a final solution that will keep Jehovah subjects from placing their children in a school that uses his weapon?”

Apollyon:  “Yes, my ultimate tactic is most brilliant and it takes the very core of the weapon’s teaching and turns it on its head. I used the same tactic long ago on Jehovah’s first two subjects. We will have Jehovah’s leaders tell the parents that they must send their little children to a place where the weapon is forbidden because they must evangelize other children. Think of the irony of it-they will be sacrificing the hearts of their children for the sake of saving others without the weapon to achieve it.  In the end, we will control both the hearts and minds of His subjects as well as those who are the children of our subjects!”

Legion:  “This is so grand, so diabolical, and so wonderful. I wonder if it will really work.”

Apollyon:  “It already has.”